Sounds Of Machine


Visual Identity
Motion Graphics 


The project involves creating a visual identity for an audio visualizer exhibition that feature songs generated through semi-autonomous means — generative tools, AI, algorithim and programming. For instance, one of the songs showcased — "Avril 14th" by Apex Twin, is a classical piano piece played autonomously on a disklavier (self-playing piano) without direct human input, played and recorded autonomously through the reading of MIDI data.

The visual identity development follows a similar approach, with primary visuals and motion graphics generated autonomously using mathematical equations rather than direct human input at each frame. Each visual piece is responsive to sound, reacting to the amplitude of the respective showcased songs, presenting themselves throughout the exhibition's ephemerals.

Typography and visual elements takes its form from the narrative of a semi-autonomous relationship between (Human & Machine), integrating programming symbols (Read By Machine) within readable letterforms (Read By Human). Throughout the identity, these symbols serve various functions, acting as letterforms, separators, information containers, way-finding elements, and on the microsite, mimicking lines of codes and commands with primary information acting as a “functions”, and secondary information enclosed within parentheses as "values”, creating a visual experience akin to navigating through lines of code.

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