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Drip is a home goods brand that embraces unconventional techniques and fluid forms. Its visual identity and offerings radiate the concept of dynamic adaptability through the utilization of the Modular Branding Unit (MBU), symbolized as a droplet. This MBU can be adapted, shaped, extended and expanded to generate a dynamic branding element throughout the brand's visual identity and products. In this light, the (MBU) was used to shape the versatile letter 'i' in the brand's logo "Drip," which adjusts across four distinct product categories (gardening, candles, furniture, and tableware). Additionally, certain corners of the logo text are intentionally shaped & pressed in using the (MBU) to suggest the similarity of its production methods of bending and shaping into its form. The packaging showcases a central (MBU) die-cut stencil, accentuating its significance within the brand, and upon opening, reveals a versatile extended letter "i" in "Drip" that can be expanded to the sizes of the other product categories. The landing page showcases a automated "dripping" flow, stopping & revealing secondary information upon hovering.

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